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Post  Eviil on Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:57 pm

Thanks for taking the time on reading are introduction...enjoy!

The shell has been alive for a couple months, and a ton of achievement has been done. People can choose whether they would like to be Part time or Full time endgame members, this allows people to take their priorities in life or have a relaxing time. We have about eight to ten spots open, and would like to get them filled soon for us to take on a few things in mind.

We are currently focusing on ZNM, SEA, and assault Ranking to captian; we also have allied shells for other endgame if needed, such as Sky and Dynamis.

We are mid achieved End Game shell and to us have been taking on the big guys. Some of our lesson’s unlearned now obtained, we are thinkers and flexible in opinions. Course… there is a way it should be done.

Here are a few picas (<-lawlz) of are adventure!

Having a race Kaiser. hes winning Sad

Love this tier 3, full of epicness...

Woah!.... >Smile you get what I mean.. (pulls out his *range weapon...*

And a lot more pictures all around the forum..
Were a family with unlimited adventure, good luck on your App! and thanks for viewing.

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